Individual Personal Sessions

1:1 Coaching

Personal 1:1 Life & Spiritual coaching!  Drastically transform your life with longer term coaching programs!  Take a quantum leap to craft the life you deserve today!  Apply to see if we will be a good fit and a basic cost estimate.

Transformational Healing Session (Email delivery)

Did you know that clearing results are just as impactful whether they are delivered in-person, online or via email?  As long as we have permission, healing can begin!  Start your Journey today!  Session conducted within 72 hours (Monday-Friday) of payment and results are delivered via email.  

Transformational Healing Session (Zoom)

Schedule your 6o minute transformational healing session for a time that works for you!  Align yourself to your purpose by shifting your energy and changing your life!

Animal Healing Session (Email delivery)

Energy clearing session for one animal.  Results delivered via email within 72 hours (Monday-Friday).

Home/Space/Clearing (Email delivery)

Personal 1:1 clearing of one home, property or business.  Clears negative energies and spirits from the area.  Email results will be sent within 72 hours of payment (unless extenuating circumstances prevent this).

Diamond Dowsing Energy Clearing

Increase the vibration of your home with Diamond Dowsing!  Expand your healing journey with this wonderful technique.  This purchase is for a <1200 sq ft home.  Additional costs apply for larger spaces and will be billed separately.  The copper purchase is also separate.  Each copper rod needed is $4.50/ea.  The amount of rods vary by home.

Energy Healing Session (Personalized Recorded)

This energy healing clearing session is personalized to you and a particular focus area with the ability to be replayed for a different intention around the same subject at anytime.  Turn this on when you go to sleep and receive clearings every night for huge transformations!  Session conducted within 72 hours (unless extenuating circumstances prevent this) and results are delivered via email.

Hypnotherapy Session (Zoom)

Hypnotherapy is an easy way to re-program your subconscious mind to work for you instead of against you.  Schedule your 1.5-2 hour session here for a time that works for you!

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